True expertise in all functions from middle management to executive level
Retail, travel retail, sales, merchandising, CRM, marketing, communication, creative, HR, supply chain, finance, management, …
Instant access to large and highly targeted pools of candidates
155,000 professionals registered across 130 countries,
network of 1,750 international alumni associations, social networks, webtracking, etc.
Trust attitude, transparency and humanism
Total commitment to employers and candidates alike to be welcoming, listening, empathy driven, transparent, honest, sensitive, intuitive, discerning, well intended and benevolent.
In this quest, we are conscious that we know so little, make mistakes and are fragile, but we keep doing our best.
High quality recruitment
Best known retention rate and success rate

Candidates’ retention rate after 3 years : 68%
Turnover of BeThe1 placed candidates = 10%/year
Twice better than world leading executive search firm (Source: The Economist)

Success rate : 77%
For every 100 recruitment missions we do, 77 BeThe1 candidates are hired
Average 10% higher than most international executive search firms
Remaining 23% = 3% internal mobility, 2% internal referral, 9% mission cancelled by employer, 4% job offer and employment market unable to align, 5% candidates considered not good enough by employer

Mutual commitment and reasonable fees
Fixed fees of 12,5% of annual package bracket at launch + 12,5% at hiring
300 premium clients - 130 successful placements per year
(Europe, Middle-East, Greater China, South-East Asia, Usa, etc.)
BeThe1 Mission Statement
Provide in-depth business intelligence and opportunity analysis to define true and attractive job content
Attract & discern the best candidates from the largest qualified professionals’ population
Advise & accompany to ensure successful hiring and integration of the new colleague

Step 1: in depth preparation of search mission

  • 1st meeting: business context, goals & organization, initial job description and expectations
    - BeThe1 feasibility study (job content challenges and attractiveness, alignment with employment market, potential talent pools & sourcing strategy, identification of solutions) and list of recommendations
  • Brainstorming with client until finalization of mission content and search action plan
    - Approval of PO, final draft of job description, launch of search mission

Step 2: powerful sourcing of the best potential candidates

  • Sourcing via BeThe1 system:
    - Posting on website
    - Preselection among 155,000 professionals registered in our BeThe1 database
    - Job offer sent via interactive email to pre-selected professionals (up to 1,500 approched directly, and an application rate between 5% and 20% depending on the attractiveness of the position)
  • Sourcing via BeThe1 network of 1750 alumni, school career centers
  • Sourcing via social networks, posting campaign on selected job boards, specialized CV data bases
  • Sourcing via referrals’ networks

Step 3: discerning assessment of candidates

  • Screening and short listing of candidates
  • Together with the hiring manager, selection of an average of 3-5 best candidates
  • In-depth interview (+ report) by the BeThe1 consultant of the selected candidates
  • Hand over of selected candidates to client to start in-house interview process (HR, line managers)

Step 4: careful hiring preparation

  • Advising and following-up during in-house interview process
  • BeThe1 reference check
  • Employment contract signature

Step 5: post hiring follow up

  • Regular contacts by BeThe1 during first 3 months with both new colleague and employer


These T&Cs are between BeThe1 legal entity (“BeThe1”) stated on the purchase order (“PO”) or on the invoice and the Client hereinafter known as the “Employer” requesting BeThe1 to provide recruitment services (“Search”), defined in Art.2. These T&Cs apply to all business between the Parties. The site (“the Site"), which Conditions of Use are available in the Terms of use, is owned & operated by BeThe1 SA in Paris (France) and registered with the “Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés“


Consulting, sourcing, screening and assessment of qualified candidates ; Posting of job offer(s) directly by Employer or via BeThe1 Consultant together with the Employer on the Site of BeThe1 ; Advertising : If required, BeThe1 will place details of the Employer’s assignment on BeThe1’s webpage or other selected job boards. Web advertisement of such kind is free of charge. If the employer would like to use a display advertisement, this will be invoiced to the Employer at cost. Reference checking: BeThe1 can conduct reference checks and verifications of candidates upon the Employer’s request. In any case, it is the Employer’s sole responsibility to undertake an independent appraisal of the candidate and satisfy itself as to the suitability of the candidate prior engaging the candidate.


The contract shall be formed either when the Employer signs the PO or confirms the Search Order online on the Site. By placing a Search Order to BeThe1, the Employer acknowledges its complete understanding of these T&Cs and unconditionally accepts them. These T&Cs shall supersede any terms of purchase of the Employer or previous agreement signed between BeThe1 and the Employer. The Employer accepts the contract and undertakes to pay according to art.5 of these T&Cs.


The fees of the services selected by the Employer shall be those in effect at the time the PO is signed, regardless of compensation package eventually agreed with the candidate. A 1st invoice will be issued at the signature of the PO. A 2nd invoice will be issued for the “success fee” which is due when an agreement, verbal or written, whatever the form or the arrangement, is made between the employer and the candidate.
Candidate ownership: When the Employer offers employment to a candidate on their behalf or on behalf of an affiliated company or any other party, within 12 months from the date of the candidate CV disclosure by BeThe1, the Employer must inform BeThe1. BeThe1 will then charge the success fee to the Employer accordingly.
Insurance Period: Should the candidate leave the Employer for any reason other than termination decided by the Employer and excluding all instances with significant change in the content of the job, or in the compensation package of the job, or in the organization of the department or linked departments, and in general all significant changes in the job and its immediate environment and during the 3 month period from the date the candidate commences employment with the Employer, and provided that full payment for the service has been received, BeThe1 will search only once for a new candidate for a position of similar scope, duties, requirements and level without any additional cost for the Employer, provided the employer’s request for replacement is made in writing within one week of notification of the termination or resignation of the candidate.


BeThe1 shall invoice the Employer for the relevant cost of its services when the PO is received. The invoice shall be paid within 20 days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay an invoice when due shall automatically suspend the performance of the contract and shall entitle BeThe1 to remove the related Search from the Site. Late payment charge will be incurred on invoices paid after due dates and is at 2% per month on due amount from due date until payment is received. All banking charges or fees related to the client payment (bank transfer, unpaid check, etc.) will be borne by the Employer.


BeThe1 shall not be bound by or responsible for any computer or technical incompatibility. BeThe1 reserves the right, at any time and without having to pay compensation of any type, to refuse Search Orders or to remove them from the Site if the Employer fails to perform or ceases to comply with any of its obligations or violates public policy rules and in particular those regarding computer-related offenses, laws protecting individual rights and privacy and the computer processing of personal information. In such a case, the Employer must still pay the full cost of all Orders already fulfilled or in the process of being performed by BeThe1. BeThe1, in its capacity as a service provider, undertakes to make the Order available on the Site for public viewing or querying for a period of sixty (60) days as of the date the Order is first posted on the Site after the execution of the paper contract, provided the Employer has not specified a shorter time in writing. The Employer may cancel its Order(s) at any time.
Service ending: the BeThe1 service will come to an end when the position is filled (by a BeThe1 candidate or an external candidate or by internal mobility) or in case of change in policy of the Employer regarding the position to be filled (stop the recruitment altogether, significant change in the position or in the search directions, hiring freeze, headcount freeze, changes in its business strategy, no longer needs to recruit the position, refuse all BeThe1 candidates, important delay in the recruitment process, etc.) or if after thorough search by BeThe1, the employer hasn’t hired any of the candidates introduced by BeThe1 and who meet the key requirements agreed with the Employer prior to commencing the assignment.
Service cancellation: The Employer has the right to cancel the mission at any time, the 1st invoice remains to be paid but no “success fee” shall be invoiced.


The Employer undertakes to use and process personal and any information related to résumé retrieved from BeThe1’s or related to résumé it may directly receive in response to the posting of its Order on the Site, solely for the purpose of recruitment. The Employer undertakes to ensure that the content of its Orders does not violate any right, rule or law in effect at the time of PO signature and in the country (ies) where the PO is signed and executed and does not contain any accusation, allegation or insinuation that is untrue, comparative, discriminatory, slanderous or otherwise prejudicial to a third party. The Employer must comply with the various laws regarding employer obligations, the use of computer files and individual rights and privacy. The Employer undertakes to inform BeThe1, as soon as possible and in writing, when an Order has been filled so that BeThe1 may remove this Order accordingly. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by BeThe1, the Employer undertakes that the Orders published on the Site shall contain no links to other Sites, including the Employer's. The Employer shall not use BeThe1 to recruit for a position with the intent to sweep the market (benchmarking) or make a comparison to a current potential employee. The Employer shall be responsible for arranging all medical examinations and also for obtaining any employment and other permits; if hiring cannot be made because of those reasons, BeThe1 invoice remains 100% due. When the Employer’s company name is explicitly disclosed, the Employer commits to forward to BeThe1 throughout the search process any application that he may receive directly and which had been originally triggered by a BeThe1 action.


Due to the constantly evolving nature of the Internet's technological capabilities and limitations, BeThe1 hereby calls the following considerations to the Employer's attention: BeThe1 performs no systematic and exhaustive verification of the nature or characteristics of the data that may be carried by the Site's central server. The current nature and characteristics of the Internet (particularly the lack of systematic and absolutely reliable protection against unauthorized access) and technical problems do not make it possible to guarantee the secure viewing, querying or transfer of data or the secrecy of correspondence. The Employer alone shall be responsible for ensuring that the data viewed or queried on the Site, retrieved there from or transferred via Internet is used in compliance with the intended purpose of its Search Order. The Employer shall take all necessary steps to protect its own data, software and computers from contamination by viruses that may circulate over Internet. BeThe1 shall not be liable for any damage or loss the Employer may suffer due to any problems related to the Site or its use.


BeThe1 shall not be held liable for the following:
A- Whilst BeThe1 endeavors to source and select candidates who are suitable for the Employer, it is recognized that the Employer has full responsibility for the final selection, recruitment and on-going supervision of any member of its staff. BeThe1, therefore cannot be held liable for any loss or damages, or other costs irrespective of how caused, which the Employer may suffer or for which the Employer may become liable, arising out of or in connection with, the introduction of the candidate to the Employer.
B- The unavailability of the network or problems connecting to the network or in sending data viewed on the Site.
C- The information posted on the Site by the Employer, the processing of résumé by the Employer or any use of the Site that does not comply with these T&Cs or with any codes or passwords that BeThe1 may provide the Employer.
D- The Employer shall alone be liable for the use of its e-mail system when connected to the Site and for the information contained in this system and their use of this information. BeThe1 shall use its best efforts when conducting its Searches; however BeThe1 has under no circumstance an absolute obligation of performance or result. If BeThe1 is judged liable for a Search that is incorrectly executed as the result of its sole and direct fault, BeThe1 shall provide no compensation for any business or consequential loss suffered by the Employer and shall only be liable for reimbursing the amount the Employer paid to place said defective Search.


These T&Cs are governed by the laws of the BeThe1 entity country stated on the PO. In case of dispute, the competent court will be the one of the city where is established BeThe1 entity (e.g. Paris, France; Hong Kong; Singapore; Shanghai, China). If any provision of these T&C is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any term of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term. In addition, BeThe1’s failure to enforce any term of these T&C shall not be deemed as a waiver of such provision or otherwise affect BeThe1’s ability to enforce such provision at any point in the future.

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