Post your BeThe1 profile in 6 steps:
your most recent job: your current position or the last one to date
your previous jobs: register your previous professional experience
your competencies: number of years experience, languages, computer, education
your objectives for the future: role, product, level, location
your personal information: telephone number, address, etc.
your attachments: copy and paste your resume (this is an important complement to your profile
but can not replace the other steps), passport photo, book, etc..
And receive job offers by email that match your profile!
You can access your résumé and job offers from your secure MyBeThe1 profile
by entering your login and password.
BeThe1 will email you all job offers that best fit your profile and for which you are one of the most highly qualified candidates.
You can decide whether or not to apply for the position.
(You can also apply directly at the job board, available here).
You will need to write a cover letter, which will be automatically attached to your application.
Your application will then be eligible to be submitted to the employer.
The job search consultant will present a shortlist of the best qualified candidates to the employer.
If you are selected by the employer, the consultant will contact you for a more in-depth interview.
An interview report is sent to the employer, who can then contact you directly to schedule an initial meeting.
BeThe1 will work with you during the employer's entire recruitment process.

BeThe1 protects all the information you provide (through strictly limited and controlled access, no sale to third parties, secure connections and a highly secure server) and gives you permanent control of your information. You retain full control of your information and can make modifications or cancel any time.

Based in France, BeThe1 is registered with one of the strictest computer privacy regulatory authorities in the world: the CNIL, a French government agency that protects individual privacy and freedom. In accordance with the French Law on Information Technology and Protection of Privacy, you have the right to access, correct and cancel any information you provide at any time.
To register on BeThe1's employee database, you need to create a profile by answering a series of questions and attaching any documents that might be helpful. You will have full control over your personal information and can make changes to the contents at any time.

BeThe1 allows you to post a profile while remaining anonymous. If a company is interested in your anonymous profile, Be The 1 will send you an e-mail asking for permission to disclose your personal information.
You can edit your profile at any time to provide more detailed and targeted information or to delete all or part of the information.

BeThe1 is committed to posting individual profiles for two years. Every time you update your profile, it will be posted for two years from that date. In accordance with the law, you may delete your profile from the website at any time.
To create a profile, you will select a user name and password. If your forget either one, BeThe1 will send you a reminder by e-mail.

BeThe1 will never give your profile to any third party, other than those specified above, without your express consent.

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